COPYRIGHT: MSI Maui (MSI) has the exclusive rights and ownership of all images. Unless images copyrights have been purchased, the reproduction of images and video is illegal. Unauthorized reproduction of prints, digital images, edited and video footage is a violation of Federal Copyright Law 17, U.S.C. 101. Further, all digital images and video footage will remain as property of AM and may be used for advertising, display or any AM promotions.


OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER and VIDEOGRAPHER: MSI will be the official event photographer and videographer. Guests may take photographs and video, only as they do not interfere with the photographer’s or videographer’s duties. Any breach of this Agreement will constitute a reason for non-completion with no liability to MSI.


SCHEDULE: It is important that scheduled event starts at the time hired. Tardiness will constitute additional labor charge or a reason for non-completion with no liability to MSI.


LIMITATIONS ON LIABILITY: In the event that photographic and video materials are damaged in processing, lost through camera malfunctions, loss by parcels service, or damage without fault of MSI, MSI shall not be liable for any amount in excess of the retail value of the order.


PORTRAITS: The images from the event will be posted to a Web Gallery within seven (7) days after the event and will be up for thirty (30) days for client to view and share with family and friends. From the Web Gallery, client can select and purchase additional prints. Should the client want to extend the viewing after thirty (30) days, their will be an additional charge of $105 per month.


VIDEO: The length of the edited video will depend on the length of video coverage. Edited video of the package purchased will be available ten (10) days after the event. Additional charge may apply for any rush order.


ADDITIONAL LABOR AND SERVICES: In the event additional labor or services are added to the selected package due to extended coverage or tardiness, additional labor for the Photographer at $375 per hour, per person, Photographer Assistant at $190 per hour, per person and Videographer/Editor at $495 per hour, per person.


DEPOSIT: Fifty percent (50%) of the estimated amount is due seventy two (72) hours after the contract is signed and the balance due must be paid within seventy two (72) hours prior to assignment. Upon signature of this Agreement and receipt of the required deposit, MSI will reserve the time and date agreed upon. Failure to pay the balance due within the agreed time will constitute of MSI canceling Agreement.


CANCELLATION: In the case MSI is unable to perform Agreement due to fire or other casualty, war or act of God, MSI shall return all deposits received to said clients except for services and products that has been completed. If notification of cancellation is received less than twenty one (21) days prior to the event, client will be liable for fifty percent (50%) of the estimated charges. If notification of cancellation is received less than seven (7) days prior to the event, client will be liable for seventy five (75%) of the estimated charges.


SHIPPING and HANDLING: Shipping and handling for the initial order will be of no charge to the client. Any additional product shipped to the client after the initial order will be charged at cost plus fifteen percent (15%) of the actual shipping charge.


STATE OF HAWAII GENERAL EXCISE TAX: All prices are subject to a 4.166% State of Hawaii General Excise Tax.